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Compression Stockings

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We have extensive experience in measuring and fitting, as well as patient education for graduated compression stockings. Compression stockings are usually recommended to control chronic leg swelling, typically from venous insufficiency, lymphedema, or occasionally heart failure. Long term swelling in the legs can eventually result in unhealthy skin making one more prone to develop infection, low healing, and even ulceration. We deal mostly with vein problems, however the mechanics are the same for whatever the reason. Compression stockings create a gentle squeeze on the legs, preventing venous distention and formation of varicose veins as well as the accumulation of fluid in the lower legs. Medical compression stockings are different from compression hose one can buy in the drug or grocery store as the compression is "graduated" - that is most of the squeeze is at the foot, gradually decreasing all the way to the top to facilitate the movement of blood and fluid out of the leg. Careful and knowledgeable measurement of the leg and fitting of the sock is critical to assure proper sizing and therefore therapeutic efficacy.    

Compression stockings create a uniform squeeze on the veins of the lower leg, with the greatest compression at the foot gradually less with the least compression at the top to create a funnel effect facilitating the movement of blood and fluid out of the leg. Fortunately, unlike some medicines, there are no real drawbacks to this treatment. The “squeeze" typically feels refreshing and stimulating. Many patients find that they can walk and stand in greater comfort than they have for many years.  

Potential benefits from wearing compression stockings

  •  Help relieve tired legs

  •    Reduce swelling

  •    Relieve the pain of mild varicose veins

  •      Improve blood flow 

If you have any of the above symptoms, you may benefit from wearing these compression stockings.

For people who have had previous venous thrombosis or those with a long standing history of leg swelling or venous ulceration, compression stockings are highly recommended.

Most people have visions of thick, hot, and/or unsightly appearance of compression socks.  These days however, the socks come in a wide variety of styles and colors and are definitely not what most people typically think of when one mentions compression stockings.  Some styles are impossible to differentiate from dress nylon hosiery or men's dress socks.  We carry Jobst and Medi-USA graduated compression stockings - the two largest manufacturers of compression stockings in the world. 

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Compression socks have now left the medical realm and entered athletics. It has been noted that medcial grade graduated compression can significantly improve athletic performance, particularly among extreme sports, such as distance running, marathons, cycling and triathlon. As such, CEP compression socks are the buzz among elite athletes around the world. To read more, click here. 

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Compression Socks?

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Compression socks are not only a main stay in the treatment of venous and lymphatic disease but are now used by elite athletes everywhere. Please visit our webstore for more information about compression therapy by clicking the image above! .