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Peak Performer

Jeannie White, the 41-year-old owner of Venice’s Quality Vascular Imaging, lives her childhood dream by competing in Ironman Triathlons.

Author: Hannah Wallace
Photographer: Ted Mase

Iron Woman

Why Ironman? I watched one of the first televised Ironmans. I was somewhere between eight and 10, and I remember being fascinated by the idea of pushing your body to the limit. I’d always wanted to run a marathon, which I accomplished in 1997. It took me six months to train for it, and that’s only one leg of a full Ironman. Shortly after that I formed my business, and I have children, too. But my youngest just went to college. So as part of a “get through empty nest” kind of thing, I decided to do the half Ironman in Augusta, Ga., this past September.

What inspires you? In triathlons, they write your age on your body. At first you’re like, “Are you kidding me?” But let me tell you how inspiring it is when somebody who’s 65 passes you.

How do you make the time? I’m lucky, because as the president and owner, I can make adaptations to my schedule. However, I don’t have a whole lot of wasted time. I watch very little TV now, and towards the end of the training, you do have to cut into your sleep. Nicole and Nick Clark, who own Fitness Together in Lakewood Ranch, broke down the half Ironman training day by day up to the day of the race. You log on every day or you get your workout sent to your BlackBerry.

Next? Yesterday I signed up for my first full Ironman next year in Arizona. If I were the type of person to have a bucket list, this would be on it.

New challenges? Each triathlon I’ve done, I was first out of the water in my age group. When we’re first seeing the swim course [at the start of a race], it’s dark, the sun isn’t quite up. A lot of people are thinking they’ll just follow someone. I’m thinking, “Holy crap, I have to know exactly where to go, which buoy to turn at.” It’s become a new pressure.


Reprinted from Biz941 - Sarasota Manatee Business from Sarasota Magazine

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Current Happenings 

Introducing our new educational website.

Virtual Vein Center is a new concept in educational delivery. Get the education you need and want, when you need it. If you need CME, you can get them here as well.

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 Several QVI staff took time to attend the 2014 American College of Phlebology Annual Congress in Phoenix Arizona in November to deliver numerous  workshops and lectures. It was a high quality meeting as usual. The complete program is available for download here. 


The 2014 SVU Annual Conference was held in Orlando and several QVI attended and presented numerous presentations. Jeannie was also honored as a Fellow of the SVU.  

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Jeannie recently attended the 25th Society of Vascular Medicine 2014 Annual Conference as an invited speaker in La Jolla, Ca. Her numerous lectures were very well received.

 The International Union of Phlebology, in conjunction with the American College of Phlebology held its World Meeting in Boston in September 2013. Held only every 4 years, this was the first time ever in the US. Several QVI staff were invited speakers  presenting some original scientific research.  

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Sydney, Australia

Bill was the International Keynote Speaker at the Australian Sonographer Association Annual National Conference in Sydney.

What a great experience!  

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QVI was once again awarded the D.E. Strandness Award for Scientific Excellence at the 2013 SVU Annual Conference.

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Medical Compression socks continue to be on the forefront of venous treatment. Recently, they have entered the realm of the athlete. To learn more about what compression socks can do you you, please visit


QVI wins the D.E Strandness Award at the 2012 SVU Annual Conference!

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